FXOpen AU Launches Crypto Accounts

Dear traders,

FXOpen AU is pleased to announce the launch of cryptocurrency trading. You can now trade cryptocurrencies (including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Monero, NEO, EOS, Ripple, BCH and other cryptocurrencies) as CFDs direct from your FXOpen account. Learn more about Crypto accounts.

What is a Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a digital asset created to work as a medium of exchange. As opposed to centralized digital currency and central banking systems, cryptocurrencies use decentralized control, working through a blockchain (a public financial transaction database). In 2009, the first decentralized cryptocurrency Bitcoin was released as open-source software. Since then, over 4,000 alternative variants of Bitcoin, or altcoins, have been created and can be traded against each other or conventional currencies.

How to Trade Cryptocurrencies with FXOpen AU?

  • Log in to your eWallet
  • Select Add Account > Crypto;
  • Fill in the account opening form;
  • Open MetaTrader and use your new Crypto Account details to log in;
  • In MetaTrader select 'View', then 'Symbols' and select the Cryptocurrency markets.

Cryptocurrencies can experience very high volatility and can be traded 7 days a week. Leverage is limited to 1:3 for all clients. Please ensure that you fully understand the risks before trading these markets.

Kind Regards,
FXOpen AU Team
E-mail: [email protected]